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The Symbiotic Journey of Education and Healthcare for Special Needs

Updated: Mar 14


This podcast explores the powerful synergy between education and healthcare in the realm of special needs. Dr. Chen Shiling, a passionate advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities and founder of IDHealth by Happee Hearts Movement, and Mdm Faraliza Zainal, founder of the innovative MIJ Hub curriculum and organisation, share their transformative insights.


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Bridging Expertise:

We meet Dr. Chen, who delves into her medical journey and specialization in supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities. Mdm Faraliza shares the unique multidisciplinary approach of MIJ Hub and its founding principles. Their dedication to holistic care is evident in their involvement with organizations like Dementia Singapore (DSG).

Unlocking Potential:

Mdm Faraliza showcases how MIJ Hub's curriculum empowers children with special needs through real-life success stories. Dr. Chen emphasizes the developmental of healthcare beyond just treatment, highlighting its role in holistic well-being. They delve into the profound interdependence of education and healthcare, underlining the game-changing impact of early intervention in both areas.


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Empowering Special Needs Families:

The podcast emphasizes the crucial role of both education and healthcare in promoting holistic well-being for individuals with special needs and their families. Dr. Chen offers guidance on navigating the healthcare system, while Mdm Faraliza shares insights on the empowering potential of MIJ Hub's programmes and the opportunities in the special needs education sector. They both address common challenges faced by families and offer solutions and strategies for overcoming them.


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Future Collaborations:

The potential for collaboration between MIJ Hub and ID Health is explored, focusing on areas like research, training, and advocacy. This collaboration has the potential to further elevate the lives of individuals with special needs.



This podcast journey is a message of hope, highlighting the transformative power of education and healthcare working together for individuals with special needs. It encourages early action, empowers families, and showcases the immense potential that unfolds when these two pillars unite. Remember, the journey continues beyond this podcast. Take action, connect with the experts, and make a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs.

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