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MIJ Hub Featured on Mediacorp Suria’s ‘Detik Personaliti Inspirasi - Faraliza Zainal’ 

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

25 January 2023 ― MIJ Hub received the amazing opportunity and privilege of being featured on local media, Mediacorp Suria’s ‘Detik - Personaliti Insiprasi’ with MIJ Hub’s Founder, Mdm Faraliza Zainal. In this instalment of ‘Detik’, viewers were able to unpack the origin story of MIJ Hub ― from a humble storeroom in Sultan Mosque occupying around 15 students to what it has transformed into today, 3 centres nationwide with approximately 370 students enrolled. In this episode, ‘Detik’ Host, Nursha Ismail took a trip down to MIJ Hub with Mdm Faraliza to witness some of the activities and lessons that are carried out on a daily basis within the centres. Her visit included doing a one-on-one engagement with one of our students who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, through a relay activity. Nursha was also able to observe a group of employees with intellectual disabilities come together to execute a commissioned project.

The journey continued with Mdm Faraliza (together with our Co-Founder, Mr Ali Dawood) bringing Nursha to visit the Sultan Mosque to relieve MIJ Hub’s origins in 2011, and later to our new learning premises at Changi to share more about the renovation and shifting works that is in line with the current ‘Fund My School’, a fundraiser campaign.

What were the challenges that Mdm Faraliza and Mr Ali went through as they raised their autistic son over the years? What were the impacts it had to their own mental health? How has MIJ Hub impacted various individuals with Special Needs through education programmes and vocational training? What are the types of outreach done by MIJ Hub to strengthen and spread awareness of the Special Needs community in our society?

To watch the full episode, click here:

While MIJ Hub is currently carrying out renovations to move into a bigger and more conducive space for its students and staff, Nursha was given the opportunity to tour the new centre in Changi in the midst of its renovation. It was highlighted that MIJ Hub requires $100,000 more to offset the cost of renovations. Being a nonprofit organisation, the public's support will definitely rocket the company's mission. Members of the public can extend an olive branch by raising awareness and support to our fundraising campaign for this new centre, the ‘Fund My School’ donation campaign. To donate to our Fund My School campaign:

The episode continues with an interview segment where Nursha dives into the hardship that Madam Fara and Mr Ali experienced with first discovering their son had autism, then having to raise him. The couple mentioned they each made sacrifices as parents, Madam Fara who left her corporate job at the time and Mr Ali who upskilled himself by pursuing a part-time degree on top of his full-time job. The couple unpacked the many emotional, financial and familial struggles they powered through upon the diagnosis of their son. The interview ended with some words of wisdom and advice by the couple to those who may be in similar positions and are having to raise a special needs child of their own.

The episode ended with Madam Fara introducing Nursha to MIJ Hub’s special needs employees who were on duty and packing pre-ordered Chinese New Year goodies. Madam Fara shared the importance of tactics when teaching individuals with special needs. She highlighted that instructions must be clear and coupled with a demonstration for ease of comprehension.

Finally, Madam Fara shared how members of the public can continue to support MIJ Hub beyond its donation platforms ― they may be interested in purchasing curated goods such as a rempeyek snack, shawls and engraved keychains on MIJ Hub’s website. Nursha then wanted to know Madam Fara’s opinion on how the nation (including governmental bodies and the society in Singapore) can further get involved in supporting the special needs community and be more inclusive. Madam Fara shared that the government are playing a major role as advocates by introducing sustainable initiatives and encouraging local businesses and organisations to provide employment opportunities for special needs individuals in workplaces. The society can also aid in developing compassion for these individuals and educate others in supporting initiatives that aims to help the special needs community to bring inclusion to the society.

Madam Fara wrapped the episode up by sharing with Nursha her hopes and aspirations for individuals with special needs. She hopes that they are able to be accepted by members of society and are able to one day, develop be equipped with necessary skills and a sense of indepence for themselves. While it may seem like an uphill battle, she believes it’s not a complete unattainable feat if everyone is able to align and work together. To donate to our Fund My School campaign:

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