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'Terima Kasih, Cikgu!' ('Thank You, Teacher!') - An Appreciation for Our Teachers

Last month, MIJ Hub had the opportunity to participate in a Live talkshow called 'Terima Kasih, Cikgu! (Thank You, Teacher!)', hosted by Mr Sujimy Mohamad & Ms Haslinda Ali from Screenbox.

The talkshow was held in dedication to our fellow teachers - to show appreciation for all their efforts and hard work that they have put in, guiding our students with Special Needs. Our Founder, Mdm Faraliza, together with our teachers, Ms Nadhirah, Ms Farah and Ms Fathah, shared some useful teaching methods and also the challenges and fondest memories they have experienced with their students in MIJ Hub!

Our students were also invited to the show to do a Dikir Barat performance for the viewers while some made a surprise appearance for their Ms Nadhirah and Ms Fathah to say hello and thank them for all the love and care that they have received. Mdm Faraliza too received a sweet surprise from her autistic son, Ashraf, who secretly created a Jelly Cake for her prior to the show!

It was definitely a meaningful event for everyone as viewers were able to have an insight into how our students are being taught and also witness the passion, love and dedication that our teachers have for the students of MIJ Hub!

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