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10 Years of Inspiring Journey

Over the years as news of MIJ travelled, the organisation continued to expand rapidly as it gained more recognition, soon seeing an increase in class sizes, programmes and facilities. MIJ Hub had since then relocated to where it is now – 116 Changi Road, and even opened two more branches in Jurong and Woodlands. It saw the diversifying of its programmes as well, opening weekday lessons and Student Care for both children and adults to hone essential skills and receive specialised education unlike any ever seen.

During this same period, MIJ Hub started its first fundraising events and outreach campaigns, and subsequently received invitations to be featured in national events and conduct programmes overseas. MIJ Hub even successfully branched out into the F&B and retail sector through its entities - Ashraf’s Café and INSPO. These platforms were created as training grounds for fresh MIJ Hub graduates to further enhance their vocational skills through paid employment. These were later recognised by various government agencies providing assistance and recognition that help to open up more job opportunities for individuals with Special Needs, effectively supporting their independent integration into the workplace.

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To commemorate our 10th year anniversary, we rebranded ourselves from 'MIJ Special Education Hub' to 'MIJ Hub'! An event was held to celebrate this milestone where we revealed the new logos for MIJ Hub and its entities, Ashraf’s Cafe and INSPO. This event has marked a new beginning for cultivating our brand and establishing our organisation’s values and goals.

We had the honour to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day as part of our 10th year anniversary together with Her Excellency, President Halimah Yaacob, at our centre at Changi Rd. Mdm President graced the official opening of our expanded Level 4, was brought around our centre for a tour and even joined a sharing session about Special Needs hosted by our staff.

Ashraf’s Cafe was set up to provide long-term employment opportunities for our MIJ Hub graduates, especially those deemed capable in food preparation and table serving. The cafe offered our adults with Special Needs a safe space to train their culinary skills, allowing them to gain ample work experience that can cater to their learning differences.

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As part of the Singapore Bicentennial, various individuals and communities who have given back to our society were remembered and celebrated. We are honoured to have our founder, Mdm Faraliza, being featured together with her own story for this movement where she shared her passion and journey in starting a Special Needs school to create a brighter future for over 250 students with Special Needs.

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