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Our Approach

The EA³ framework is developed uniquely by MIJ and incorporated into all aspects of our organization’s curriculum and activities.

This framework helps to understand and profile an individual's learning style and engage them accordingly to prepare these young inspirers with the skills and knowledge that would help them excel in the future.


We directly engage with our students to comprehend each individual’s needs and behaviours. From there, we design and adjust our programme activities to cater to their different learning abilities, and closely guide them step-by-step on necessary social skills during lessons.


Students grow more aware of the various situations they are taught in lessons. Under some guidance, their learning is reinforced as they continue to practise the skills they pick up.


Teachers observe the students being on their own and assess whether their learning was suitable enough to their personal needs. If not, the process is repeated from Engage to tackle the mismatch and enhance their capability to learn.


In their daily lives, students are pushed to be independent and apply the skills and practices they have learnt during lessons on their own, developing good living habits.

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