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An Inclusive Community Begins with You

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62% of people with disabilities do not feel socially included in schools and workforces.

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Everyone deserves to live fully and create experiences. It includes dreams, talents, relationships, victories, hurdles, setbacks and everything in between.


But for them they require a connection and the connection between those experiences is You.

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Put yourself in their shoes

Just imagine if Awareness is greater within Our community

Continuous research, leading to wider outreach of better and improved treatments and therapies that can positively improve quality of life of these individuals.


Parents are knowledgeable enough to identify development-delayed traits earlier, allowing the child to benefit from early intervention therapies and education the sooner they are diagnosed.

Improved developmental surveillance and screening system will be made available in community and at childcare centres. This enable more referrals to child development services.


Better access, infrastructure and supporting systems for these individuals, parents and caregivers. Securing equal learning opportunities and developments.

Learn more about the Special Needs Supporting Services in Singapore

Progressing well But MORE can be done

Despite considerable progress in Singapore, Only 11% of professionals in Early Intervention industries feel that Singapore is an Inclusive society.

To these professionals, Inclusion is about Accepting children with special needs for who they are and giving them equal opportunities to learn and develop their full potential and live meaningfully.

According to the poll respondents;


“ The community has this mindset that being special is different in a negative light.


There is no Acceptance, in Singapore there is merely tolerance at best.”

Let’s Together Practice Inclusiveness, Embrace Acceptance And Educate Others

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Head Branch

116 Changi Road, #05-01

Singapore 419718

MIJ Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides school readiness, student care, intervention and en-richment programmes, along with employment op-portunities for individuals with Special Needs aged from 2 - 30 years old.

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