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The bursary is a joint effort between AMP and MIJ Hub to provide financial aid to students who come from low-income groups, single-parent households, and orphans who require Special Needs education.


The AMPxMIJ Hub Special Education Bursary covers various educational expenses, such as tuition fees, classroom materials, and learning aids, which will ensure that these students have the necessary resources to succeed in their learning.


Our goal is to raise $109,600 by the end of June so that all 68 students will be eligible to receive aid in their learning journey at MIJ Hub. We believe that every child deserves the right education. With your support, we believe that this can be a reality!


MIJ Hub is grateful for your support towards this AMPxMIJ Hub Special Education Bursary. Your donation is eligible for tax deduction and will go a long way in supporting these deserving students and their families.

AMP x MIJ Hub Special Education Bursary

An initiative that aims to support the educational journey of 68 students with learning disabilities or commonly term, Special Needs.

S$5,700 of S$109,600 Amount Raised

About AMP

AMP Singapore was established on 10 October 1991, as an important resolution of the First National Convention of Singapore Malay/Muslim Professionals, which was attended by 500 Malay/Muslim professionals who met to brainstorm new directions for the community. AMP was formed with core programmes in education, human resource development, social development and research. AMP is a registered charitable organisation and is accorded the status of an Institution of Public Character.

Special Education Bursary

Bursary Offerings

Name of Bursary



1. Tarbiyah Bursary

(Per approx. to 55 Students)

- Enrichment
- Lifelong Learning
- Independent Living
(To offset their fees via the various programmes)

2. Higher Education Bursary

(Per approx. to 13 Students)

- Working Opportunities
- Lifelong Learning
- Independent Living
(Students 16 years & above)
(To offset their fees via the various programmes)


Date/Month (2023)


March to June


August to Mid-September

End September


Inflow of Donations

Application Commence

Processing and Approval

Outcome Announcement

Bursary Disbursement

Help make a difference in the lives of these students

With your presence on this page , you are already one step closer to being part of this initiative make a big change towards the lives of our students and the Special Needs community as a whole. Your support towards this bursary will provide these students the financial support that they need to access quality education and achieve their fullest potential in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

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