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Harapan Si Istimewa

Harapan Si Istimewa' or 'Hopes of The Special Ones' - Is MIJ Hub's efforts and initiative to aid our individuals with Special Needs and their Caregivers to minimize their hardships and financial struggles.

Ensuring students with Special Needs under Financial Assistance Scheme or other subsidies can continue to access education and employment programs.

All contributions will greatly realize and support a large part of our goal in empowering the Special Needs community with holistic learning and providing a safe learning environment.

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Other ongoing campaigns
Hope for The Special Ones

MIJ Hub has been providing assistance to students who are under the school’s EduSupport Scheme by offering heavily subsidized school fees, compared to those offered in other schools. Over time, the funds used to cover these assistance for atleast 300 students slowly began to affect our operational funds.

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Fund My School:
$30 to pledge a sqft of space

The ‘Fund My School’ campaign aims at raising funds to cover the costs and operations of our new and more Special Needs-friendly learning space, as well as to ease the programme fees for our students from low-income families who currently in the wait list to attend school.

Zakat with MIJ Hub

Spreading Barakah Within Your Abundance: Your Zakat contribution will provide hope and opportunities for the underprivileged Special Needs Individuals in Singapore.

MIJ Hub Disburses Your Zakat To 4 Different Asnaf (Beneficiaries) in accordance to Syariah.

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Join The Takeout Campaign with Ashraf

Let's provide proper meals to low-income families with children with Special Needs. The Takeout Campaign was inspired by Ashraf's compassion of giving back to the community. Since then, we found that these Inspirers with Learning Differences find huge joy being able to help others too, like us.

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Tabung Jumaat (Online)

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Fund a Safe Space

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Arnolds Coupon

MIJ Hub is selling Arnold’s coupons at $18 each which can be used to redeem 1 Spring Chicken Meal (U.P. $18.30) at all Arnold’s outlets in Singapore. A portion of the coupon sales will be directed to FunDStart Campaign.

1 Spring Chicken Meal consists of 1 full spring chicken, 1 coleslaw and 1 fries.

We have been featured on
13th year serving the Special Needs community with Your Help

This year alone, we require slightly over $800,000 to maintain the costs of operating without earning any profit. All funds raised from this initiative will greatly realize and support a large part accross all 6 programmes in our 3 centres respectively. Your support is especially important to achieve these, as to make learning opportunities more accessible for our 335 students, especially from the lower-income groups

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MIJ Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides school readiness, student care, intervention and enrichment programmes, along with employment opportunities for individuals with Special Needs aged from 2 - 30 years old.

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