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This Ramadhan, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Take action today and reap the rewards of giving in this blessed month.

Our Programmes



Our Playgroup is a movement & play-based integrated intervention programme that introduces our young students to basic literacy and numeracy learning using the five senses - seeing, doing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.


An inclusive student care that not just provides a safe and affordable yet quality Before-and-After School Care for typical students and those with learning differences, but also educational support, social-emotional, civics and moral values, and life skills for independent living.

Student Care



Our Preperatory programme has been thoughtfully designed and customized to the needs of young students with various abilities, where they learn using their senses and identify their strengths through varied learning styles. These allow the students to be equipped with the necessary skills required for their transition to the primary level.


Day Activity Centre (DAC) aims to provide our students with learning differences a safe space where they can benefit from our customized activities that focus on life skills, creativity, social emotions and physical activity. DAC prides itself on creating a structured yet conducive environment that is suited the needs of the students.

Day Activity Centre


T:Ed is a weekend enrichment programme that focuses on ethical and behavioral management for both typical individuals and individuals with learning differences, ensuring that they are aware of their roles and responsibilities on a personal level, and also in the community.



Our Work Readiness Adult Programme (WRAP) offers students with learning differences a curriculum which helps to better prepare themselves for jobs that they are capable of doing. Aside from attaining knowledge about the working world, they will also learn various vocational skills which are necessary for survival in workplaces and in the community.



Better Together

We believe when families, learning institutions, and the community are collaboratively engaged in the life and well-being of individuals with Special Needs, they will achieve their fullest potential.


High-Quality Learning

We believe that appropriate resources including technology, innovative and specialized approaches/methods, and accompanying professional development are essential in developing a quality programme that caters to the special needs community.


We Care for their Growth

We are passionate and dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures individuals with Special Needs cognitively, socially, and emotionally so that they are equipped to tackle challenges and become productive members of an inclusive society.


Believe in Inclusion

We believe that every individual with or without special needs deserves respect and given opportunities in life.