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Funding with your
Zakat contributions

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How does MIJ Hub benefit from Zakat Harta

Help to provide Da’wah, community programmes
Help to ease the Fees for low-income MIJ students
Help to provide Educational sponsorships to low-income MIJ students
Help to provide our Teachers proper Development & Trainings
Help to provide Youths with Special Needs development
Help to cover the maintenance and operations of MIJ as a whole

MIJ Hub falls under the following Asnaf of Zakat


For individuals who are in need of assistance to pursue their education. They are usually children of Zakat recipients from the low-income group. Disbursement for Riqab includes

education grants


For individuals who are in debt and require assistance to meet his/her basic needs. Disbursement for Gharimin includes assistance for outstanding basic necessities such as utilities bill, service and conservancy charge.


For individuals who are struggling to meet his/her basic needs, thus affecting his/her livelihood. This includes having Insufficient household income due to large number of dependants. Disbursement for Miskin includes:
• Providing supportive programme grants to MIJ
• Assisting single parent; widow or divorcee in need
• Minimizing the breadwinner or family members incurring high    medical bills due to (a) chronic illness (b) mental/physical            disability


Thank you for your contribution, may Allah SWT reward you for what you have given, may Allah SWT bless you for what you have spent, and may your zakat cleanse your wealth. Amin!