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Intellectual Disability

is actually very close to You

1 in 150 Children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With the numbers rising each year.

Autism is a complicated, lifelong condition that can affect a person's social skills, communi-cation, relationships, and self-regulation. ASD can be detected as early as during infancy.

An individual with Autism can benefit immensely from early diagnosis and intervention. Thus, it is vital to act quickly and not be afraid to seek help.

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What are some challenges faced by these individuals?

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They struggle to understand and express feelings. Theirs and Yours.

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Changes to routines or environment often triggers them

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They may have atypical ways of speaking or find talking extremely difficult.

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Repetitive actions like hand flapping, rocking of body is normal behavior for them.

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Loud noises, bright lights, crowds, and other sensory aversions that can trigger them.

Consider a Professional Assessment

If you suspect your child is facing one or more of these challenges, an assessment by a qualified professional is the best way to get a clear diagnosis and recommendation for support.


This will help you understand the holistic profile of your child, which includes the strengths and difficulties in learning faced by them.


Early Diagnosis and Intervention can help to provide your child with the necessary support during the most critical stage of their development.


Also,an assessment is necessary if you intend to apply to a special education school.

Learn more abot special needs

Where to get assesed?

To get a professional assessment and diagnosis of children below the age of 7, you can consult doctors, psychologists and therapists from:

Early Intervention

Early intervention can improve a child’s quality of life by enhancing his development and minimise the onset of additional developmental delays or disabilities.


Research has shown that it is generally considered more beneficial to the child to intervene earlier rather than later.


For more information about Early Intervention and Service Providers, click here.

Let’s Together Practice Inclusiveness, Embrace Acceptance And Educate Others

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Head Branch

116 Changi Road, #05-01

Singapore 419718

MIJ Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides school readiness, student care, intervention and en-richment programmes, along with employment op-portunities for individuals with Special Needs aged from 2 - 30 years old.

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