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Do not suffer silenty


Caregivers, we understand that caring for a child with Special Needs can be challenging.


Often, care giving for a long-term can lead to burnout and depression. At times it can deteriorate your personal relationships and physical health. Not to mention, the potential costs incurred throughout this journey.


In line with the government's Enabling Masterplan, there is a comprehensive range of services to support Parents and Caregivers of Individuals with Special Needs.

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Enabling Masterplan

In 2013, SG Enable was launched to support people with disabilities. It is now the single point of contact for disability and caregiver support services, as well as public education.


Supporting the mental health and well-being of caregivers is essentially as important. Measures and supporting services are made accessible fo

Caregiving Empowerment

Caregivers who are in distress and need someone to speak to can reach out to;

Caregiving Community

Formal support groups & initiative for Special Needs Caregivers

Let Us All Play A Part

Supporting caregivers requires many helping hands. It is a whole-of-society effort involving not just the Government, but the community as well.


There are more of such community-led and caregiver-led initiatives online that's worth exploring. And we would welcome more!

Or you may also join our MIJ community group

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Let’s Together Practice Inclusiveness, Embrace Acceptance And Educate Others

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Head Branch

116 Changi Road, #05-01

Singapore 419718

MIJ Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides school readiness, student care, intervention and en-richment programmes, along with employment op-portunities for individuals with Special Needs aged from 2 - 30 years old.

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