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Beriani 4 Hope: A collaboration with Masjid Al-Abdul Razak

On 5th September 2020, our annual Beriani collection was held after a 5 month long postponement due the pandemic.

Even though the occasion was met with a heavy rain, it does not hinder the success of the event. As early as 6.30 am, volunteers of the mosque and MIJ commenced packing of the beriani until 12.30 pm.

A total of 5000 packets were packed and distributed on that day. A portion of the packets were distributed to different beneficiaries. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors, staffs of the mosque and everyone who has made this event possible.

This is one fundraising event that has helped to lift the school in many ways you can’t imagine.

Check out the video above of event highlight as we capture our students and alumni who volunteered their time effort for this event.

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