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Fully subsidised courses by the government designed to build high-demand skills that are needed in the working industry.

Registration are now open.

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About MIJ Training & Consultancy


MIJ Training & Consultancy is a subsidiary of MIJ Hub that aims to serve individuals, including individuals with learning differences, the opportunity to learn, upgrade and master redefined skills as part of his/her personal development or on a workplace level for a more inclusive working environment.

We offer an array of courses, ranging from Effective Communication with Individuals with Learning Differences for the caregivers, to Work Preparation Skill for the individuals with learning differences and Innovations to Support Special and Inclusive Education for the educators, all to help fellow individuals learn, upgrade and master their new and existing skills regardless of ability.

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We are committed to provide accessible, future-ready and industry-relevant contents and programmes that nurture, empower, enhance and shape all individuals so that they can achieve their fullest potential. With experienced trainers and well-equipped facilities, MIJ Training & Consultancy ensures that every individual gets the right exposure and quality learning through our thoughtfully curated courses, so as for them to be self-reliant and employment-ready.

Regardless of one’s current abilities or level of experience, our courses will be made available to suit everyone’s needs.

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How it works

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Courses Overview

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Kitchen Sanitation & Safety

(7 days)

The Kitchen Sanitation & Safety course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to prepare and cook food safely.

Nett Fee: $270 
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Basic Food Preparation And Culinary Skills

(7 days)

Basic Food Preparation and Culinary Skills is a course that teaches you the basics of cooking in the kitchen. It covers the basic cooking techniques, equipment and utensils needed for cooking, as well as some interesting facts about food ingredients.

Nett Fee: $390
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Work Preparation Skill

(7 days)

Work Preparation Skill is designed to prepare you for the necessary pre-employment skills needed for work.

Nett Fee: $210 
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Basic Cake Making

(10 days)

In this course, you will learn how to make a variety of cakes. You will be taught on different methods of cake baking.

Nett Fee: $420 
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Basic Skill Inventory Methods and Process

(7 days)

The Basic Skill Inventory Methods and Process course involve the study of various inventory methods and processes. It provides an understanding of the various types of inventory systems and their applications.

Nett Fee: $270 
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Basic Guide to Leather Crafting

(10 days)

Leather crafting courses are designed for people who want to learn how to make leather products from scratch. We will teach you how to use different types of materials so that you can create a variety of items such as bags, wallets and other accessories.

Nett Fee: $450 
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Contact us

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If you have any questions regarding MIJ's courses, drop us an email at or message us by clicking on the whatsapp button on the bottom right.

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