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The Last 10 Nights Initiative by MIJ Hub - Aims at making donations for the last 10 Nights of Ramadan an ease by scheduling donations every night.

Chase the Night of Laylatul Qadr

Spread your givings in this last 10 days of Ramadan. Every donation per day will be channeled to a different cause within the Special Needs community.

MIJ Hub_Ramadan 2023_stars.png

Consistent Givings, Everlasting Blessings

How will your donation be spread

The Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr) presents a unique opportunity to increase your rewards and multiply your blessings. Schedule your donation today to ensure you maximize your good deeds.
Choose your mode of donation. You have the option to schedule your automated daily givings or Choose to donate per day manually.
If you still wish to donate, you may do so on the "Give Today/Manual Donation" tab. 

Our Automated Donations have officially been closed as of 21 April 2023 at 12pm.

We thank you for your generous donations and support to the Special Needs Community.
Last 10 Nights Donate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Student Programs and Skills Development
    $700,000 – MIJ Hub seeks to empower our clients, both within classroom and beyond, and we enlist our community in this effort. The Student Programs and Skills Development will help unlock the full potential of our clients by allowing them to participate and engage in enhancement programmes meant to discover and accelerate growth, provide access and exposure to new unexplored heights, and also to find and compromise their hidden talent. Designing original, customised programmes with an individualised approach requires much resources and provisions to make it purposeful and impactful qualitatively. With your help — with your generosity — we elevate the very core of who we are as a one stop centre.
  • Inclusive FOA Experience
    $150,000 – Friends of Ashraf’s aims to ideate, develop and organise inclusive interactions through fulfilling and fun social activities between neurotypical youths and youths with learning differences and physical challenges age 17 to 35 years old. Our goal is to forward a culture of respectful interaction, and a philosophy in which the differences of thought and experience are understood to be sources of personal and communal strength and effectiveness, fulfilling MIJ’s promise. This will allow our clients to develop the qualities of confidence and expression and for us, the tools of collaboration and compromise that will serve our clients well as members of our inclusive community.
  • Job Training Support System
    $400,000 – Job Training Support System represents a radical departure from traditional approaches to preparing students for life after MIJ’s Education. Through financial aid we provide access to MIJ Education; we support all students for success; and Job Training Support System helps to bridge students to life in the working world. Through a replica model of work setting, it help our clients explore interests, build critical skills, and complement their studies with real-world experience in a wide range of fields. These experiences also provide space for experimentation, helping them fine-tune their field of interest in real-time. Upon securing a spot in one of our partner employers, job consultants will work closely to ensure maximum fit for our clients in their new working environment during the critical transitional phase.
  • Inspiring work
    $250,000 – Inspiring Work is grounded in MIJs’ mission to empower and be advocates for the Special Needs community, and takes a developmental approach to working with our clients and the community. Through professional-taught courses, a speaker series, and other engagement and/or awareness opportunities, Inspiring Work promotes greater agency not only in our clients’ approach to their learning years and a stronger bridge to life upon graduation, employment and beyond but also our community’s understanding and perspective of the important work that we do.
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MIJ Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides school readiness, student care, intervention and enrichment programmes, along with employment opportunities for individuals with Special Needs aged from 2 - 30 years old.

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