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Updated: Sep 28, 2021


This event is in conjunction with the soft launch of an upcoming collaborative project with Global Ehsan Relief Singapore to fundraise for beneficiaries of MIJ to help support their education needs. The programme is called Ehsan For The Gifted, where students who require financial assistance will be given sponsorship to continue their educational journey with MIJ.

A graduation ceremony is a special occasion; a time of celebration, of contemplating a new chapter and opening a door into the world of work and new learning adventures with all the joys and responsibilities that go with it.

We were delighted to have our Guest of Honour, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Senior parliamentary Secretory, Minister of Social and Family Development & Ministry of Education, distinguished guests, Mr Richard Wee of EVOLVE and our Education Psychologist, Ms Wendy Choh, our beloved parents, caregivers and our students, joining us at this event.

Needless to say, we are all very proud of our graduates’ achievements and look forward to the bright future they will head towards.

This year in particular, is a special graduation as we see our first batch of Work Readiness Adult Program or (WRAP) graduates embark on their employment journey at Ashraf’s Café and MIJ Special Education Hub next year.

We are heartened at the support of parents and dedication of our teachers towards our students in the past years.

Since our establishment in 2011, MIJ has strived to not only provide quality and holistic education in a friendly and safe environment but also inclusive employment that caters to the current needs of our special needs community.

Recently, we established a brand name #inspo by Ashraf’s Cafe. #inspo products and services include door gifts, event favors, live stations and various workshops. The most recent was leather making workshop that we had conducted for a corporate organization, Kantar, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities activities.

#inspo by Ashraf’s Café provides employment opportunities for our WRAP graduands. With the skills set taught like F&B, baking, sewing, teaching assistant, leather making and packing, they will continue to create #inspo products and be involved in event/workshop services.

Through employment we hope to empower them, that they will be able to support themselves daily and be contributing members of the community in the time to come.

As we head in this direction, we may face more challenges and setbacks but we will continue to brave through. As the saying goes, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”.

A quote by an American Author, Robert Collier; ‘Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out’. So we celebrate the little achievements and head towards success.

Once again, all the best to all our senior and junior graduands as they embark on a new chapter of their lives. We will definitely miss you.

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