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Be an MIJ Inspirer Today and Let’s Empower our Little Special Ones

With Your Support, We Can Continue
To Empower And Inspire More Individuals

By making a donation to this campaign, you'll help us cover the operational cost, so that our beneficiaries at the 3 centres can receive basic necessities of uninterrupted learning, and also job creation for the Special Needs community.

We are hoping you can make a small contribution, as low as $2, on a weekly basis (automatically deducted) to support our children with Special Needs.

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If you are earning $2000/month, $2 is only 0.1% of your income.
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12th year serving the Special Needs community with Your Help

All funds raised from this campaign will strongly aid our lower-income students with Special Needs and sustain our learning spaces across all 6 programmes in our 3 centres respectively.

Your support is especially important to achieve these, as to make learning opportunities more accessible for our 335 students, we heavily subsidise school fees, especially for lower-income groups, while bearing the brunt of our operational costs.

This year alone, we require slightly over $600,000 to maintain these costs without earning any profit

FASS Acnhor

Every Dollar Contributed Goes A Long Way

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