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Be an MIJ Inspirer Today and Let’s Empower our Little Special Ones

With Your Support, We Can Continue
To Empower And Inspire More Individuals

By making a donation to this campaign, you'll help us cover the operational cost, so that our beneficiaries at the 3 centres can receive basic necessities of uninterrupted learning, and also job creation for the Special Needs community.

We are hoping you can make a small contribution, as low as $2, on a weekly basis (automatically deducted) to support our children with Special Needs.

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If you are earning $2000/month, $2 is only 0.1% of your income.
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12th year serving the Special Needs
community with Your Help

All funds raised from this campaign will strongly aid our lower-income students with Special Needs and sustain our learning spaces across all 6 programmes in our 3 centres respectively.


Your support is especially important to achieve these, as to make learning opportunities more accessible for our 335 students, we heavily subsidise school fees, especially for lower-income groups, while bearing the brunt of our operational costs.


This year alone, we require slightly over $600,000 to maintain these costs without earning any profit

FASS Acnhor

Every Dollar Contributed Goes A Long Way

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All contributions will greatly realise and support a large part of our goal in empowering the Special Needs community with holistic learning - through aid and resources;

1.  Ensuring students with Special Needs under Financial Assistance Scheme or other subsidies can continue to access education and employment programs catered to their needs.

2.  Sustaining and improving our specialised learning resources and facilities, to aid our students’ education and growth in a conducive space.

3.  Enabling opportunities for more potential students especially from lower-income groups a chance to learn in a supported and inclusive environment.

4.  Ultimately helping more than 330 students with intellectual difficulties and learning differences at all of our 3 centres.

Can you help us raise funds our
Individuals with Special Needs?

Frequently Asked Questions

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MIJ Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides school readiness, student care, intervention and enrichment programmes, along with employment opportunities for individuals with Special Needs aged from 2 - 30 years old.

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