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Your Input Matters:

Survey on Identifying and Supporting Children with Additional Learning Needs

Why Your Participation is Vital:

Understanding our students:
Your responses will illuminate the current landscape of identifying learning needs and shed light on the resources available to our educators.

Bridging the gap:
Your input is crucial in pinpointing potential gaps in our support systems, allowing us to develop effective strategies to ensure every child receives the assistance they need to flourish.

Fostering supported development:
Ultimately, your contribution will aid in cultivating a more inclusive environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential, setting the stage for their future success regardless of their individual needs.

Select your role before proceeding:

To ensure a comprehensive understanding, we have tailored two separate surveys.

Educator Survey:

This survey is designed to capture teachers' experiences in identifying and supporting children with learning needs.

Preschool Survey:

This survey gathers insights from the leadership team regarding current practices and available resources within the preschool.

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