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Work.Able Docuseries by CNA | Featuring MIJ Hub Work Readiness Adult Programme (WRAP)

Our Work Readiness Adult Programme (WRAP) had the privilege to be featured in a 6 episode docu-series by Channel News Asia (CNA) called Work.Able.

Extarcted from CNA website: Work.Able is an observational documentary about young adults with special needs adjusting to work life for the first time in their lives. We follow seven profiles of different backgrounds but with one common goal – to prepare themselves to integrate into society and join the workforce. As they leave the safe environment of school and navigate through the working world, will they ever find true acceptance? We hear from them and their loved ones as they share their dreams and personal struggles. MIJ Hub, an education institution catering to individuals with learning difficulties also gives us access to their classrooms as we track how teachers and job coaches try their best to provide guidance to their special needs charges.

Spend some time to watch all 6 episodes here to understand their journey; the difficulties, challenges and milestones.

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