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Majulah Singapura!

Majulah Campaign is back! This time round, we believe that it is “Always better, together”.

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Why support us

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Why celebrate Majulah Campaign?

”.. Where we walked together hand in hand

towards a future so bright..”

Come and venture along Singapore’s past and present through the eyes and talents of our students with Special Needs while echoding the love and support given by other busineesss! Join us in this meaningful event in conjunction with the nation’s 57th birthday!

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Majulah Boxes and Kits for you and me

“.. This is Home, truly. Where I know

I must be..”


Home is definitely where we are able to makan our way through the delicious food items, wear our world famous SG icons close to your hearts and engage with kits with your loved ones.

For Beneficiaries
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Always Better Together

With family and friends Together we’ll stand  And in the end, hand-in hand We will get there

With the tagline ‘Always, Better Together”, MIJ Hub hopes to highlight the importance of constantly being together as one. It can stretch beyond just celebrating togetherness as a nation whereby all of us can have the opportunity to also do good for those in need regardless of abilities.

Talents that Matters

A thousand different voices, sing in harmony

‘Hear’ the different voices of our students with Special Needs’ as they become contributors to this campaign through their creative talents and energy.

Our team strives to ensure that through this campaign, their voices will always be heard or seen by everyone. they too can play a part of a cause nationwide. 

What we have to offer

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Majulah Box

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Majulah Kit

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Rewind: Majulah Campaign 2021

”So we build our dream together Just like we’ve done before..”

"With one heart, one voice
We’ll make our history"

The Majulah Campaign will be a collective effort by different groups of individuals - from those in the Special Needs community to business owners and corporates, showcasing their abilities and efforts through the food items and packaging as part of voicing out their support towards this ‘ Always, Better Together’ tagline.

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Our Partners

”We will stand together, together hand in hand As one united people..” 

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”And now we only have to look towards tomorrow. To carry on the dreams as far as it will go..”

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