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I understand that I have to meet the programme requirement as below:

i.     Attend and complete the course(s)
ii.    Sit for all prescribed tests/assessments (if any) at the end of the course(s);
iii.   Participate in course feedback and post-course survey;
iv.   Provide all required details of Training or other information and details as part of the post-course survey;
v.    Meet other requirements and provide all other information and details as stated for each course if any or

       as may be required from time to time.


  • I give my consent for My Inspiring Journey Hub to share my information with relevant agencies for the purposes of my application of training programme and/or the administration and provision of services and schemes to me, and/or data analysis, evaluation and policy formulation, in which I shall not be identified as specific individual.

  • I give my consent for My Inspiring Journey Hub to submit the claim for the TEMASEK TRUST – CDC LIFELONG LEARNING ENABLING FUND on my behalf and to disburse the payable course fee to My Inspiring Journey Hub.

  • I give my consent to be contacted by the My Inspiring Journey Hub, SG Enable, Community Development Council, its appointed auditor, and/or its nominated representatives for the purposes of conducting effectiveness surveys or audits in relation to my application of training programme.

  • I give my consent for my photo(s) to be taken during the training programme. The photo will not be circulated to a 3rd party and will only be used within printed, text, and other visual content in a non-commercial production, such as course brochure, corporate website, social media site, banner, and poster. I also grant permission that these photo(s) be used as a reference through testimonials or otherwise.

    • I do not wish for my photo(s) to be taken.

  • My attention has been drawn to SG Enable’s privacy policy found on its website as well as those of the Community Development Council at and and I understand that they will take all reasonable measures required by law to protect our information and I may withdraw my consent by providing such reasonable notice or direct such queries as I may have on the use of my personal data to such persons designated in their privacy policies.

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