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The Grand عmal Campaign 2022

‘The Grand عmal’ Campaign is a unifying gotong-royong effort to promote awareness and celebrate abilities of persons with Special Needs, as well as with other beneficiaries (marginalised groups, orphans, elderlies and needy) of our ummah through partnerships with multiple stakeholders that include the Malay Muslim Organisations (MMOs), mosques, businesses and individuals. 

This festive campaign will run from 22nd February 2022 to 13th March 2022, with its main event day taking place on 3rd April 2022, which is the first day of Ramadan and also in conjunction with the Autism Awareness Month. 

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Be a part of this gotong-royong effort by supporting our cause or supporting those in need... or both!

22nd February 2022 – 13th March 2022: 

Sales of $20 Grand عmal Bundle coupons!

MIJ Hub and its partners will be selling the Grand عmal Bundle coupons at only $20 each! Each coupon can be exchanged for 1 pax serving of Nasi Briyani (Chicken), Dates, Air Kathira and Suji. 

You may purchase the bundle for yourself, your family or friends OR

purchase the bundle for any of our beneficiaries for this campaign: 

  • Low-income families

  • Low-income families with children with Special Needs

  • Residents of Homes & Orphanages

  • Migrant Workers

3rd April 2022 : 


Grand عmal Bundle Distribution Day!

The main highlight of this campaign is our Grand عmal Distribution Day! It will take place on 3rd April 2022 whereby you and all our beneficiaries will receive the delicious Grand عmal Bundles – what a great way to celebrate and welcome the start of our blessed fasting month together as an Ummah!

Customers who purchase for own consumption may opt for self-collection at their designated Collection Point or delivery (at additional $10 per address).

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Did you know that our Grand عmal bundle comprises of an appetizer, main, beverage and dessert – that’s one complete meal all bundled up! Purchase a few to have them with your family members, or gift them to your friends or neighbours while wishing them “Selamat Berpuasa!”. Working evening shift that day? Dropby any of our collection points to collect your bundle before heading to work!


Many families welcome the blessed month by preparing nice, filling meals for the first day of break fast. However, there is another group of families who do not have the luxury to experience the same. These families are from the low-income group and usually have expenses that is just enough to serve the simplest meals such as 1 serving of plain rice and egg for everyone living in the same households. As one ummah, shall we sponsor them a Grand عmal bundle or two so that they can have a memorable first day of break fast too?


Ramadhan is the month where many of us sit down together at the table during break fast. Imagine our beneficiaries from this group, who are mostly aged 16 years old and below, not being able to have that same moment with their own families throughout the whole of Ramadhan. Share with them a Grand عmal bundle, share with them the love from the compassionate Ummah that we are.


While we are blessed with the opportunity to be with our loved ones during this fasting month, let us have a thought for this group of individuals who have sacrificed their time and presence, and who have travelled miles away from home just to earn some money for their families back home. It's time we sponsor some Grand عmal Bundles for our migrant worker brothers so as to show them that they not alone this Ramadhan and they too are part of our Ummah here in Singapore!


Let’s not forget our individuals with Special Needs in our community! When you choose to sponsor a Grand عmal bundle to this group of beneficiaries, you are not only feeding these individuals but also their tireless caregivers and other family members who are staying in the same household. It will definitely ease the stress experienced by the caregiver / head of house of having to prepare a proper first break fast meal while attending to the needs of the child with Special Needs and the other household members.

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Purchase your Grand عmal Bundles

As part of the 'gotong-royong' effort, MIJ Hub has partnered with mosques and other organisations who will join us in selling the Grand عmal Bundle coupons and distributing the Grand عmal Bundles to you and the beneficiaries of this campaign on 3rd April 2022.

To purchase, select a partner of your choice below:

GA Web_Individual (GER).png

Global Ehsan Singapore

GA Web_Individual (Wak Tanjong).png

Masjid Wak Tanjong

Grand Amal Bundle by Al Amin.png

Masjid Al-Amin

Grand Amal Bundle by Al Mukminin.png

Masjid Al-Mukminin

GA_Dedicated page Thumbnails_MJR_GA Web_Individual (MIJ) copy 4.png

MJR (Menjejaki Rahmah)

GA_Dedicated page Thumbnails_Maarof_GA Web_Individual (MIJ) copy.png

Masjid Maarof

GA_Dedicated page Thumbnails_Assyakirin_GA Web_Individual (MIJ) copy 3.png

Masjid Assyakirin

GA_Dedicated page Thumbnails_Ghufran_GA Web_Individual (MIJ) copy 5.png

Darul Ghufran

Coming Soon
Terms & Conditions 
  • Self-Collection and Delivery period is strictly on 3rd April 2022 (3pm-5pm)

  • Each coupon can be exchanged for 1 Grand عmal Bundle, consisting of: 1 pax serving of Nasi Briyani (Chicken), Dates, Air Kathira and Suji

  • CUSTOMERS WHO OPT FOR SELF-COLLECTION: You will receive your physical coupon(s) via delivery within 3-5 working days upon confirmation of payment. Physical coupon is required upon redemption at designated Collection Points.

  • CUSTOMERS WHO OPT FOR DELIVERY (FOR OWN CONSUMPTION): There will be an additional charge of $10 per delivery address. No physical coupon is required upon receiving of the bundle.

  • There are no delivery charges for Grand عmal Bundle purchases for beneficiaries.

  • Coupons are not exchangeable for cash or any other items

  • For any enquiries, you may contact 91823067 (MIJ Hub) or 90218030 (Ashraf’s Café)

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We've got you covered! Our dates are known to hold the best quality in the market. Imported
directly from Saudi Arabia, these dates have went through thorough disinfestation and fumigation
checks and cleaning processes before they were being packed tightly so that the quality remains at its premium state when it reaches to the hands of the customers in Singapore - that is you!

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