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Content Creator


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Exposure for Interns:

As an intern, you will be part of an creative and proactive team with a wide range of projects and responsibilities.


Interns are immediately given real work and real responsibilities after orientation. As we teach you and you gain experience in your role you will be given increased levels of responsibility.


  • These include running our social media channels, creating newsletters, market research and surveys, creating layouts for print, event management responsibilities, and video projects.

  • As you progress through your internship, you will be exposed further to social media publishing and measurement systems, electronic direct mail, video journalism, databases and campaign management and every other aspect of marketing.

Expectation of Interns:

During this internship, you are expected to be proactive in your tasks, yet maintain a professional attitude, appearance, and work ethic within yourself and towards team members, staff and clients at all times. You must be responsible towards your attendance and punctuality, have good judgment towards different work situations, and maintain a high quality of work.

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tarbiyah landing page asset-08.png
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  • Able to do market research and present on the various marketing strategies used among other non-profit organisations, F&B and E-Commerce (retails) and how these strategies can or cannot benefit our organisation.

  • Able to take and edit presentable photos and videos which will be used in the various marketing collaterals (online & prints) for MIJ Hub, Ashraf’s Cafe and INSPO. Knowing how to use design/video editing software will be an advantage.

  • Able to do marketing write-ups for social media postings, newsletters and blog posts using the right tones and terms that reflect well on the organisation and its brands (MIJ Hub, Ashraf’s Cafe and INSPO).

  • Familiar with the use of the various social media platforms and their functions.

  • Able to work as a team to create and manage a new brand and its social media account, together with its marketing schedule, contents and one awareness campaign.

Contract length: 3-6 months

Interested to join us?

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