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Student Care Educator


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Job Role:

  • Work with students in the Student Care programme and perform additional tasks to support teachers in providing a comprehensive educational program.

  • Provide care and supervision for students with Special Needs ages 7 to 14 years old.

  • Support in the delivery of lessons using teaching and learning approaches to meet the needs of the children.

  • Assist in carrying out classroom management strategies, monitoring and and activities.

  • Assist to plan, prepare and produce materials, and conduct routines and activities with the students pertaining to physical exercises, life-skills training, activities of daily living (ADLs), hobby development (e.g. music, horticulture), and excursions according to the schedule.


  • Strong interest and ability to commit at least 3 months in working with children with Special Needs. Students looking for internship opportunities in this role are welcome.

  • Flexible work schedule (4 to 6 hours per shift).

  • Recent teaching experience a plus.

  • Those without experience may also apply. On-the-job training will be provided.

  • Singaporeans only.

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