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With every purchase,
You will support Da'wah efforts, Aid underprivileged communities, and Empower special needs children.

Choose Country to Qurban

Qurban meat will be distributed to the Fakir Miskin, Orphanages, Families with Special Needs,
and other local beneficiaries in need in Uganda.

Close order date: Monday, 27th May 2024

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The Impact of Your Qurban

Over the last three years, our steadfast mission has been to create lasting change for those who need it most. Together, you have offered sustenance, impacting over 25,000 lives every Eid ul-Adha.

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Help Hunger Crisis in Underprivileged Communities

Every Qurban provides a healthy and delicious meal for the local community in your country of choice.

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Provide Financial Support for Special Needs Individuals

Every Qurban waives school fees and equipment for 300 special needs children in Singapore & Malaysia.

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Funding Da’wah Efforts at The Forgotten Souls

Everything at The Forgotten Souls are funded by you. Resulting in continuous rewards for you for each member benefiting from our efforts.

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Naufal Rohmat

For the past two years, I have relied on Grand Qurban for their qurban ritual, which has been a positive experience. The entire process is  seamless and meaningful, from selecting the animal to receiving updates after the sacrifice. They emphasizes the care and transparency provided by Grand Qurban, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for qurban.

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Fatiha Faulzi

I first came across them through their ads, and I was immediately sold by their unique impact. Supporting rural farmers, aiding the needy in the community, and contributing to special needs education. I’m glad to know that my sacrifice is not only for my ibadah but also serves three other meaningful benefits. They transform the whole meaning of creating impact to another level.

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Malika Khan

The Forgotten Souls movement aligns with some of my core principles of life. Knowing that my qurban would honour and dignify fellow servants under Allah's care, warms my heart.