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Uniquely crafted by the talented individuals at MIJ Hub. Each envelope is a masterpiece, featuring five distinct designs that carry the essence of celebration and unity.


  • 🎨 Designed by Individuals with Special Needs: Each envelope is a testament to creativity and inclusivity.
  • 💖 Unique Designs: A pack of 10 envelopes, each showcasing a different, vibrant design. 
  • 🌟 $8 for 10 Pieces: An affordable pack that supports a meaningful cause. Your purchase goes beyond beautiful envelopes; it empowers and uplifts.


Spread Love and Warmth: Share the spirit of giving with these special Sampul Raya. Perfect for gifting or distributing during festive gatherings. Your purchase supports the artistic journey of these incredible individuals.

Order Now and Make a Difference!

Sampul Duit (10 pcs)


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