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Checkout Instructions

  • Smaller animals such as Sheep is equal to 1 Qurbani Share. 

  • Therefore, you may enter only 1 Participant Name. (We will re-confirm the name 1 month before Eid-Adha 2024M/1445H)

  • Please enter your Full Name and Do not forget to recite/set your Qurbani Niyyah (Intentions).

Set your Niyyah (Intention)

"I commission The Forgotten Souls to manage my Qurban on my behalf for the sake of Allah Ta’ala."

Terms & Conditions

  • You are commissioning The Forgotten Souls to fulfill your Qurban obligations on behalf of the Participant(s).
  • In any unforeseen circumstance that your Qurban is not carried out, The Forgotten Souls assumes responsibility and will complete it in the following year.
  • You will receive the Certificate of Qurban and Before/After Photos (except for Australia, Saudi and Yemen. See FAQ).

Palestine - Sheep

  • Your choice of Qurban does more than honouring tradition; it empowers rural farmers, uplifts underprivileged communities, and supports the special needs community.

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